July 18, 2010

Self Portrait

Mary over at Making Scrap Quilts from Stash blog asked "can you take a good self portrait?" So I took the challenge.

It's harder than I thought....how far do one's arms reach forward, and how steady can you hold the camera or cell phone? Looking into the web cam was even more difficult. I felt like I was peering down a well!

Hi! out there!


Mary Johnson said...

It's hard to know where to look isn't it? AND I have the problem of having short arms too ....the photo ends up being a little closer than I'd like.

I guess we could always try using the delay timers on our cameras couldn't we?

onlymehere said...

Fun idea! Thanks for stopping by. The store is RC Willey. They have a thing called Wild and Wacky Wednesdays where you can get incredible bargains. They're based in Utah and I think they also have stores in Nevada and maybe one in California. rcwilley.com Now I just need to sell my old cutting table, lol!

Diane said...

my camera has a self portait mode which helps, but doesn't help with my over critical eye that finds something wrong with me or the background in every shot

Purple Pam said...

Getting a good self portait is not easy. My daughter loves to get together with another person and then take a photo. Some of them are pretty wacky, but yours turned out really good.