November 08, 2010

Design Wall Monday~Nov. 8, 2010

Not much has changed on the design wall since I last posted.

I have made a few more "tarts". This english paper piecing method is unbelievably time consuming. Tearing out the stitches and carefully pulling out the paper is the hardest part. I will call this one of my forever projects as I can see this one is going to take years to complete. I'm aiming for one small and one large tart each week.

I didn't quite have enough of the racing check fabric, but I found some of the fabric at our local fabric shop, so now I'm ready to start making the borders on the Corvette quilt. Maybe I will get that done this week. I'm feeling slow and out of tune this week.

I think it's because our little Boots heart murmur is getting worse, and she is now on heart medications. Hopefully these meds. will enable us to can enjoy her company a while longer----


Nina Marie said...

I find making the machine stitches nice and little and using either very cheapie copy paper or tracing paper for the pattern helps a ton!! They really are worth the time though - their gorgeous!

Denise :) said...

Your Corvette quilt is a lot of fun!! :)

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

I love the precision of paper piecing. I hate, hate, hate tearing the paper away afterwards ... that is another project unto itself.

THEN, I took a class with Judy Mathieson on paper piecing using Freezer paper instead of regular paper. You get ALL of the precision of the other paper piecing AND since you do not sew *through* the freezer paper, there is NO paper to tear away.

Rather, the freezer paper is kinda/sorta like a Post-It note .. you use a hot, dry iron to temporarily adhere the freezer paper to the fabric and when the segment is done, you simply PEEL the freezer paper away and REUSE the template!

It is absolutely the most awesome technique. I have a tutorial on 1) making the template and then 2) creating a block from the template. The URL for the tutorial is

Even if I'm only using a template once, I *still* only use freezer paper (I hand draw the template instead of making multiples as the tutorial shows you) because I just do NOT want the hassle of tearing the paper away. :-)

Diane said...

Oh lordy I'v just started english paper piecing and haven't got to the paper tearing out part yet-I'm scared!! :)
I hope your sweet little dog stays ok for as long as possible, she is so adorable.
And I just noticed your sign on your wall to remind you to turn off the iron...GOOD idea I need to do that too!

Angie in SoCal said...

Those are neat, Angie. Is this the pies and tarts quilt that was featured in an Australian Patchwork & Quilting issue? Thought that was a great quilt. Have you thought about using Beth Ferrier's Wash-Away Applique sheets? You could cut your pattern, sew them and then wash away the template rather than messing with taking out the paper. Just a thought.

Rebecca said...

Love the Corvette quilt...looks great. Hope your little dog stays healhty for you. Don't you just love them, just like one of the kids.
LOve your paper piecing. I have little plastic templates that I use that just pop out once your through with sewing them together.

Anonymous said...

I love all of the colors in ALL of your quilts lately. I love the corvette quilt and how it is coming along, but, MOSTLY i love the "candy" looking xmas quilt in your latest post :)

Candace said...

I hope your little Boots is doing better on her medication.

Mary said...

Angie, I love your blog! I'm not sure how you added all the nifty things to it, but I will be checking back. Your quilts are gorgeous, too!