November 11, 2010

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Purse!

I recently took a class with Pam Brown at Material Girl, our local fabric shop. There are many purse patterns and classes as you know, and I've made a few. I have quite a few purse patterns stashed for future projects to pursue when the creative bug strikes.

But, this purse is definitely different! And very Fun!

It involves no sewing! and once you get Pam's clever concept of folding, it all comes together, and you can make this purse in about an hour with a few supplies. It consist of fabric and poster board. Some spray glue. Magnetic clasp and corded handle. The magic is the --- Origami! For that part I suggest Pam's purse class.

Pam showing us the fabric and some of the supplies.

Pam helping us put on our magnetic snap.

Pam showing us how to attach the corded handle.

Some of the class purses!
My first Origami purse coming together at the folds.

Ta-da! My folded Origami purse!

I made this second purse after attending Pam's wonderful class. I'm not good with puzzles, but with Pam's printed instructions, and the original class purse--- I did it! There were just a few moments when I wished the patient Origami Wiz was at my side showing me which fold was the "valley" and which was the "mountain". This is a cute purse that will hold some essential things for an evening out or to fill with goodies and give as a giftie.

For more information on making the Origami purse please contact Material Girl and ask about this class with Pam.


Rebecca said...

If you need a purse sanctuary, I have one at my house....

What a need purse, that would be great to carry my paper piecing.
Thanks for the idea!

Rebecca said...

OOPS! can't spell ... neat purse or yeh! could mean need

Christine said...

cool mom! Like the purse! Maybe one with little doxies could find it's way to my house :)

J said...

that is so cool -- we love to do origami here -- never thought we do a purse. Definitely need to make a few of these for fun and special occassions
thank you

Candace said...

Looks like the class was fun, and the purse is both different and very pretty.