July 16, 2011

JoAnn's Quilt of Valor

This is recent Quilt of Valor that JoAnn in Ukiah, CA sent me to quilt. I think the military themed silhouette panels of fabric in the middle section of the quilt are really nice. She also did a wonderful job of adding camouflage fabric in the sashing borders. One of our soldiers is going to enjoy this quilt.

Here are some detailed pictures of the fabric panels.

(Quilted with the Circle Lord Swirls template boards)


Amy said...

What a neat quilt! The circle lord stitching compliments the design nicely.

Mary Beth said...

Finally....a QOV that someone put some thougth into!! Most of the QOV quilts I have seen are very poorly made. Yay for the piecer...and yay you...the CL Swirls looks great on this quilt.

Purple Pam said...

Your quilting is beautiful on this quilt. Of course, your quilting is always beautiful. I saw those panels somehwere and wondered how they could be put together. Both of you did a great job on that quilt.

cindi said...

with 2 boys and a daughter-in-law in the military, i fell in love with this panel. every search i have made sends me to your site. is this something you sell? or can give me info on where to buy? thanks

christine mladineo said...

I am looking for those fabric panels. Do you know where I can purchase the fabric from?

Thanks for any help :)