July 26, 2011

Jelly Roll Race Quilts

Except for the turquoise binding on Cosmos, the jelly roll quilts are finished. They are a wonderful palette of fabrics for machine quilting. I used the Circle Lord template boards to do the quilting. Hence the name "Cosmos" and "Sakura".

The quilts are very fun to do, and if you like surprise endings---you will enjoy doing these as you never quite know what they will look like until the final finish!

These two were made from batik jelly rolls I found on sale. I'm sorry I didn't keep the wrapper names.

"Cosmos" is very soft pretty pastel with lots of pinks, lavenders and turquoise blues. "Sakura" is a beautiful combination of dark indigo blues, teals and purples.

I think it's important in the overall appearance of these horizontal strip quilts to finish them off with a inner sashing border, and a large outer border to frame and enhance the "jelly "centers. I can also see the opportunity to embellish them with appliqué and machine embroidery motifs. I plan to do more in different color combinations.

"Cosmos" and "Sakura" Jelly Roll Quilts
71" x 53" "Sakura" batik Jelly Roll

Sakura design with Circle Lord template board
"Cosmos" Jelly Roll Quilt 63" x 74" Batik
"Cosmos" Circle Lord template board quilting

To Learn more about the Jelly Roll Race and the Fun involved in making these abstract quilts please click Here


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Wonderful serendipity designs! And simply *fantastic* quilting motifs!

I envy you your Circle Lord but am content to admire from afar. :-)

Nicely, nicely done!

Susan said...

They all look great! Nice job!

Diane said...

I like your Jelly roll races quilts. I made one a few months ago but still need to quilt it. I enjoyed the 'not having to think while sewing mode' and just zip along. I agree about the inner and outer border.

Purple Pam said...

Both quilts are wonderful. I like both quilting designs, but I think I like the Circle Lord the best. I have one more border to sew onto my second jelly roll race quilt. I had so much fun making both of my quilts, too.

Ivory Spring said...

Your quilting is absolutely fabulous!