February 13, 2012

Water World

This is on the long arm today----half finished. It is a customer quilt.  Many of the pretty and colorful fabrics have a tropical island feel. Ocean blues and greens. Palm trees and warm sunshine! Ahhh---makes me want to lay out on the lounge chair and collect some rays! Nope, not today. No sun here, and I need to get this finished before the end of the day.  Jodi Beamish's  "Water World" pantograph seemed like good choice.

Water World is a double row 15" wide pantograph. Each row is approx. 7" inches and because there are many wavy lines and swirls so it takes awhile to complete one pass over a large quilt. This is one of my favorite pantographs for water or under sea themed quilts. This panto also works well on scrappy type quilts. But, I tend to forget how much time it takes complete quilts when I use it. I'm using Superior So-Fine in a bright Lime Green thread on the top, and Fil-Tec Magna Glide bobbins in the same Lime color. I'm not sure what the batting is as the customer sent it along with the quilt. It's a nice soft feeling cotton blend. Maybe Dream Cotton? Whatever, it has a cozy feeling!

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Diane said...

that is a perfect panto for that quilt! love it.