February 19, 2012

Where is the Long Arm?

Where is your long arm machine?

 I frequently get asked this question as some quilters wonder where they can put a long arm. Where did I put mine? Should they build a separate studio? Add a room to their house? Rent a building?  It's a difficult decision.

I've done it both ways. Away from the house. Which did not work for me. I didn't like being out and away from the comforts of home. Even just a short distance.

Here is "Polly".  10' long.  Machine quilting is solitary hobby for the most part.

Given a choice I  would chose to add a room to the house if necessary. Not only for the comfort it adds (no walking from a separate studio in the rain, wind or darkness to the main house)---and, it could add future resale value to a home. As it turns out we have a fairly large living room which we don't use very often. "Polly" is set up on the side of this room. We also have a small family room at the opposite end of the house where we sit and read and where we have our computers.  This is still my favorite room in the house! :o)
I  planned the length of the long arm frame so I could place it here.  

I love the perks of being in the house, and not out in a building on the property. I can start meals, (quilt) put in a load of laundry, (quilt) catch up on all the (junk) mail! (quilt) talk to hubby, (quilt) play with the dog, (quilt) water the plants, (quilt) put up my feet, (quilt) and enjoy the comforts of home!  Visitors also enjoy seeing the long arm and the quilts. They can sit and chat while I load a quilt or chose a quilting pattern. The kitchen is right through the doorway.
The coffee's always on!


Anonymous said...

This is a link to a great iron, does not shut off or leak or spit!

colleencl said...

Hi Angie -- I have a separate space, a granny flat next door, but I must admit that I often long to be in the house in the thick of things. Just for the reasons you listed ... I tend to feel a little shut away sometimes, but I guess that could be a good thing too! Great topic!