March 18, 2012

Sort of Spring Cleaning

The weather has been rainy, and when it's not raining, it's windy and cold. Winter has arrived here in Sonoma county where we once had Spring. (like a few weeks ago) The daffodils have long since bloomed and actually shriveled up due to lack of rain this winter. Now the tulips are struggling to bloom but have been beaten down into the mud by the currant rain and wind. It's much needed, but plants and weather are all mixed up this year.

So, with the wet weather keeping us indoors and my not being in the mood to stand at the long arm for whatever reason, I decided to organize many of the embroidery files I have been downloading so I can find them more easily. A job I have been putting off for a long time. Now I don't have to resort to searching around in different files where I downloaded them to, but can't remember where. I also backed up all my lap top files which I had not done for a few years. I deleted a bunch of old machine embroidery designs too---and wondered why I ever thought I wanted them. Funny how our tastes change.
I found more day of the week embroidery designs on some old floppy disks and moved them. I use Designer Gallery software to sort and store the embroidery designs. I set up a catalog for all the day of the week designs which will really will help me find each set of designs.
I organized some of my sewing room tools while the doing the computer back up. I wondered at how I have accumulated so many fabric marking pencils! White, pink, blue, black, graphite, chalk, and others. Some were so short, I couldn't even sharpen them any more---trashed those! Geesh!
Then I organized some polyester embroidery threads that I had in shipping box and I had not decided where to put.
And finally I cleaned off the cutting table and sorted out some rulers that I rarely use and put them down under the table. I even put a new blade in the rotary cutter!

Today I spent some time working on a UFO that has been up on my design wall forever. I finished 3 blocks late this afternoon. If I set my mind to it I could have the whole top done in a few days---and if it keeps raining as predicted maybe I will get more things cleaned up and finished.


Unknown said...

Good for you mom. I have a hall closet to organize. It is funny how our tastes do change. I went through that when I cleaned out my rub stamp collection.

QuilterBee said...

I love the windows on either side of your cutting table....VERY nice! Amie in Tn. :o))