March 19, 2012

Stolen Quilts-Karen Combs

Thiefs have struck again. A quilt instructors worst case scenerio is to have their quilts stolen or go missing while traveling.

Karen Combs quilts have been stolen!

Karen is a delightful teacher and I had the pleasure of taking a class from her through our guild workshop program. I learned so many useful tips and ideas from Karen. Please read more about the theft and see pictures of Karen's stolen quilts on her blog. I sooo---hope her beautiful quilts are found soon.

Karen's quilts are very distinctive and beautiful. So be on the look out for them on eBay, Craigs list, thrift shops, resale shops, antique shops, yard sales and newspaper ads.

This was my project with Karen done in her patchwork illusions class.


Susan said...

That's awful! What the heck is the matter with people these days???

Purple Pam said...

Your quilt is great from Karen Combs class. So sorry to hear of the theft of her quilts. Thanks for the info. I will pass it along.