May 18, 2013

Seeing Double

My eyes are improving slowly. Day 10.   Yes, I count the days as I feel so restricted and can't wait until the post-op appointment at the end of the month.  My restrictions are primarily nothing strenuous, not bending over or lifting. I guess we don't realize how much of these are part of our daily activity.

I decided I could do some machine embroidery, that wouldn't be too strenuous. Except for dropping scissors and bobbin several times, (no bending over to pick them up)--- it's gone well.

 I swear I didn't even think about the name of this Anita Good Design reversible project until I had cut all the fabrics and picked out the threads.  "Seeing Double" seems so appropriate as I have experienced some out of focus moments lately! LOL!

"Seeng Double" took about 2 days to complete, and unexpectedly used a lot of thread! Bunches!  I loaded a new Hemmingworth mini cone of Olive Green, and still ran out and had to switch to a cone of Isacord in a close green color to complete the middle section. All of the table topper is done "in the hoop" except for the satin stitch around the middle design section.  That was stitched on the sewing machine.   In the hoop projects still awe and amaze me! I can't even imagine conceiving the concept, let alone digitizing and executing such complex designs. These are some very-very talented machine embroidery Artist. Thank you PJ!

(just a bit of clean up needed to remove stabilizer and loose threads)


onlymehere said...

Angie, this is absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy you can sew now and do other things until you get approval to do more. You're right, we don't realize how much we rely on different parts of our bodies until they don't function correctly or we're limited in our use of them. Hopefully you're only seeing double soon when you sew this pattern and not through your eyes.

Purple Pam said...

Glad you are doing well with your eye surgery. I am also glad you are able to do some sewing. Your project is wonderful. I can see why this project used so much thread. Take care.