February 20, 2014

Slotted Ruler Holder

Warning. Enabler: Sometimes it amazes me what you can find on Etsy!  When the new cutting table for the sewing room arrives in late March I don't want to clutter the top of it with rulers and rotary cutters and scissors.  I thought someone has got to make a good slotted ruler holder that can be placed up and away from the cutting table.  Preferably on the wall close to the table.

 Clyde in Montana ! He makes these slotted holders in maple, oak and walnut. The workmanship is wonderful!  He has both the table top or wall mounted styles.  He also does custom finishes.

 I asked him to paint mine white instead of staining the wood. It arrived today and it is so nice!  Fourteen slots for rulers. Eight hooks for hanging, and the small front door opens up for storage as well. He even provided the screws for hanging.

This is a similar picture of what mine looks like.  I'll be hanging it once the sewing room remodel is finished.  I'm so excited to have found this!  


Kitchener Quilter said...

Very neat idea, I'll have to check out what he does. Thanks for finding / posting about this great ruler ledge.

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

That's a fantastic storage idea. I'll have to look around my sewing space and see if I can find a spot for something like that!

colleencl said...

Angie ... Love it! It looks great and the price is quite reasonable. I love getting organized!

Purple Pam said...

That slotted ruler holder looks neat. Gadgets are so fun, yes?