March 02, 2014

Moving Out of a Sewing Space

Some of you may wonder what is happening with the remodel. I am in the midst of removing every shred of sewing stuff from my two small sewing rooms. On Thursday the contractor will arrive to remove the wall between the rooms. Tear out the closets---create a new doorway from the hall into the new sewing space.
If you ever really want to know how much fabric, thread, rulers, patterns, tools for cutting, sewing machines (yes, I found this one on a shelf in the closest) ----you have. This is my reality time!

I think I bought this green Hello Kitty machine thinking one of my grandchildren would be interested in sewing----never happened.

Moving the mind boggling reserve of stuff out of the room is not so much the problem. You just keep loading up and walking down the hallway until you find a spare square foot of space to plop it down!

I found one corner of the bedroom on the fireplace hearth was just wide enough to rest one of  the sewing machines and lots of embroidery thread and cutting mats----

Everything is sort of perched and balanced here and it makes a great excuse for not riding the exercycle!

The major, and I do mean major portion of fabric, batting, books, quilts, stabilizers and plastic project containers are surrounding, and under and over the long arm machine frame in the living room.

---and I still have more to move out of the rooms today.

The really scary part is that all this stuff exists in my life! 


onlymehere said...

It's amazing how much stuff we find when we move rooms. I moved my sewing room about two years ago and I found stuff that honestly I didn't know I had! I organized the new space really well and have been using up my stash for the past two years and loving it! I'm so excited to see your new sewing space. I actually made a sewing table out of your instructions on how you made yours so I think of you often when I think of sewing rooms! Cindy

Purple Pam said...

Wow! You are finally taking out that wall. Great! You will have so much more room. But what about closets? Will you have any in the new space? I am sure you will be so happy when all is done and you are sewing in your new space. Congrats.

Chris H said...

How neat that you are getting a bigger sewing room. I dream of having more room!

Becky said...

If it's any consolation, from the pictures you've posted, I really don't see that much fabric here.

So, from my POV, you aren't excessive. But it is always a reality check when a person moves. Some people move every 2-3 years and keep their extraneous stuff down to a minimum! But otherwise, all that fabric looks delicious to me!