March 17, 2014

New LED Florescent Light

A few weeks ago I went shopping for a second florescent light for the sewing room.  I found that regular florescent fixtures are not the only choice. LED "fluorescents" are now available.  I was a bit skeptical about a tube less light fixture the claims to be florescent, but  this Lithonia wrap around fixture is sure nice!

The inside LED light strips. 4' foot fixture.

If you are looking for new fluorescents for hobby rooms or the garage, take a gander at no-bulb fixtures.

The sewing room is progressing. The room is painted with the exception of the window and door trim which I will start on tomorrow.

This "Water Drops" is an interesting color. In different lighting it seems to change from a light turquoise to an almost white to a minty green.  I think once I get the blinds up it will settle down to the light turquoise. I know I mentioned how much I love-love this Benjamin Moore Regal paint---but, I'll say it again! If painting is not your thing, this paint could make you actually like painting!


Unknown said...

You've earned that room and it is looking enviable!

Paule-Marie said...

I'm sure that you will enjoy your new room when it is all done. I'm looking forward to seeing your new furniture in place.

You will love the LED fixture. I will be interested in hearing your comments as you work under them. I am still looking for fixtures for my room. With the exception of the halogen bulbs in my range hood (can't find a properly fitting LED for them yet), I have LEDs in my entire house (garage is an exception). I absolutely love them. My big need for LEDs is because we are on a photovoltaic system so the less power we use, the better, especially in the winter.

Connie said...

Hi Angie, Your room is going to be beautiful. Won't it be nice when you have all of your fabric, notions and sew machine set up and ready to go. I'm sure that there must be a place in our little town that sells Benjamin Moore paint, but i've not come across it, that I remember. What is it, that makes you like it so much? We are hopefully going to have a whole house to paint very soon and I'm planning colors and decorating :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog . . . your visit brought be here and I am your newest follower. I would be over joyed if you would return and follow me too.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

Purple Pam said...

It appears you are making great progress on your room. I like the color you have chosen.

Unknown said...

Everything looks beautiful. You are going to love your new room. :)