March 14, 2014

Sewing Space Remodel Progress

I'm at that half way point in the remodeling of the sewing room where I just want it to be done! done! done!  Even though we seldom use our living room having everything stacked in there is starting to be tiring. I've given up on dusting anything in the house. Layers of dust are everywhere now. The even more interesting part is I don't care!  I've decided once the remodeling is finished, then I will deep clean the rest of the house. No point in taking a swipe at any of the clutter or dust for now---

The clutter:

The tearing down of the wall and enlarging the sewing room space is finished! Ron, the contractor was wonderful to work with.  His crew arrived on Thursday, and finished up on Friday.  This past Monday the plaster and texture was completed.

The room today:

I painted primer this a.m. and started painting the Benjamin Moore "Water Drops" color after lunch.  Thankfully we are having a lovely Spring day and everything is drying quickly.

The room today: The window and door frame trim will be "White Opulance".  Roller work tomorrow.

The flooring arrived and is stacked in the hallway. It will be another week before it is installed.

The flooring:

The flooring: A peek at what one of the new planks will look like!

I am also in love with this Benjamin Moore paint! It glides on like whipped butter!  Painting is not my favorite thing---but, I could be persuaded to paint the whole interior of the house with this lovely stuff! Amazing paint! Regal Select 
The new light fixture and some of the cubbies I plan to install in the closet areas are stacked in the living room.  I found this new type of florescent fixture at Home Depot that is not really florescent to replace the awful adjustable "spotlight" type fixture we already have in the one room.  The new fixture has no bulbs. The light is produced with small squares of LED's. When we open the box I'll take a picture. Isn't new technology wonderful!

Some of the new Cubbie storage cubes that are going in the alcove created by removing the old closet framing that you can just barely see in this photo. There will be more of them---and stacked up the walls.

Well, we are progressing along……Dates are in place for the flooring. Next Friday.  Sewing room furniture arrives the first week of April. Delayed by one week due to a change I needed to make for one   door.

Here is a rough drawing of furniture placement.

Stay tuned---


~Deb Lindley said...

Oh Angie - it's going to be soooo wonderful! Just think of ALL the amazingly creative projects you'll be able to design/construct and'll be worth ALL the planning/delays and especially painting, which btw, looks fantastic! LOVE the colors!!

Can hardly wait to see the glorious FINISH...;-)

Unknown said...

Where will you have your design wall? This is so exciting!! It's going to be wonderful for you. I can hear the birds and feel the gentle breeze coming thru the windows now.'s heaven!

Chris H said...

While you 'only' gain 4 inches by taking down the wall.. in reality you end up with a much bigger sewing room because of taking the wall down.
I am envious... I am stuck in the garage without a window or two! I love my area, but would love a window!
In your plan, you don't seem to have shown the two sides of the new room where the old wall still juts out a bit on each side. How are you going to get around them with your tables?
And where is the Long Arm going?
I can't wait to see the room totally finished and everything back in place.

I get my new Dreamweaver sometime this week, I am beyond excited.

Chris H said...

Also... do you find it easier to have an ironing 'table' instead of an ironing board?

onlymehere said...

This is fabulous! I'm loving the color you chose too and so jealous of the flooring! I had to stick with the carpet that was in the room when I took it over after my daughter got married. It's nice carpet but the sewing chair doesn't roll as easily as it would on hardwood. Thanks for the update. The space looks wonderful!

colleencl said...

Angie - beautiful! You are going o have quite the space .. Wahoo! Love your color and am looking forward to seeing your progress.

Ms. Jan said...

This is going to be so awesome, Angie. We just painted and carpeted the upstairs playroom, and all of my "stuff" is piled in the guest room, scaring me to death. I can't wait to see your "after" pics!