February 11, 2010

Design Wall Monday

As usual I'm late. Does that count? If it does, I'll try to do better next Monday. OK, here is what has changed on the design wall.
I finished the String Quilt top I started and I'm piecing a backing for it now. I dislike making backings. I think when I'm done using all my large pieces of fabric for backings I'm going to stick to buying those huge one piece quilt backings! I have bought a few in the past, and they are great!

I did not even make a small dent in all the strips I have stored in the bins. So, yes, there are a lot more string quilts on the horizon. If I have peeked your interest in making a similar quilt, I must warn you that these types of quilts are totally addictive! Now, I'm looking forward to loading this string top on the long arm this weekend. It's colorful!

I am so interested in string quilts, and how they are made, and all the variations that I found this book on Amazon. "Strips & Strings" 16 sparkling quilts. by Evelyn Sloppy. It's all about scrappy quilts, and her need to use leftover fabrics that led Evelyn to write this very informative book. As quilters, I think we all recognize that need. I sure do after looking at my fabric stash!

I was so intent on finishing the string quilt top I sort of forgot about the Log Cabin Diamond wallhanging. I did about 5 little blocks just so I could mark some progress. Those dark ones up in the left corner. Not much, but any time I piece on this project, I consider it progress.

Later today I plan to blog about the" Bamboo"!

What's on your design wall?


Diane said...

Better late than never, right? So happy to see your log cabin diamonds--I love that one. String quilts-yep so addictive, I have one ready to go, but I'm trying not to start because once I do, that's all I want to do...

Purple Pam said...

I agree with you about backs. It is one of the least favorite things I do in the process. I am also thinking those wide fabrics are the best thing for making backs.

On my design wall are nine buzz saw blocks. I made another 15 the other night and two on Monday, but still a lot to go to finish.

Bunny said...

Love your quilts just gorgeous, and yes hate making backs especially piecing them but I have so much fabric that I want to use up.

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Angie, I have two thoughts for you to consider:
1. Regarding string quilts. I like making them also and sewing them onto a foundation helps me keep them squared up *and* allows me to use leftover bias binding strips. However, the fabric foundation adds weight to a quilt. I had made a king sized foundation pieced top (still unquilted .. see the "Chiclet" entry on my webpage) and it is heavier than you could imagine.

I was not going to do paper piecing because I hate tearing the paper off afterwards. (I hadn't though about the freezer paper piecing method I now use).

BUT .. I discovered, through experimentation ... that I can use tissue paper (honestly!), the plain white stuff you wrap presents in, as the foundation media. I sewed right through it, using the "sew and flip" technique. The tissue paper is surprisingly sturdy during the sewing process BUT .. and here is the amazing part .. it absolutely washed away in the washing machine.

First, I made just the blocks, sewed the blocks together, stabilized all perimeter raw edges and gently! gently! washed the blocks in the washing machine. It came out wrinkled but all the tissue was gone. Then, I made more blocks, sewed them together into a top, QUILTED it right through the tissue paper and when it was finally bound, I threw the quilt (with the tissue paper still inside!) into the washing machine. There were NO lumps of tissue paper when it came out of the dryer. I was absolutely amazed.

This might not work if you're on a septic tank, though.

Second thought: using a 50% off coupon, I bought a bolt of 108" wide Roclon muslin at Joann's, which I am now using for my quilt backs. It washed up wonderfully soft BUT shrinks about 8-10% so be SURE to prewash a generously cut amount. It's so nice to have a whole cloth for a backing! No seams at all to fuss over when loading the quilt or during the quilting. :-)

helen-mary said...

I love the log cabin diamond. That will be a beauty when finished.