February 05, 2010

First Signs of Spring

I went walking around the property today and found the first signs that Spring is on the way.

Snowflake flowers. These are one of the first bulbs to bloom near the wall at the end of the house.

Flowering Quince bush outside the bedroom window.

Single petal Pink Camellia bush. It is loaded with beautiful flowers this season.

The first Daffodils!

These apricot Mini-Carnations. I think they are a bit confused. They don't usually bloom until much later.

This beautiful double petal rose colored Camellia blossom.


Susan said...

I don't know if your photos are helping my spring fever or making it worse! LOL I can't wait until I see flowers in my yard again!

Anonymous said...

Kill me, Angie. I just posted more photos of snow on my blog, haha!