February 06, 2010

Online Learning

I just finished my first online quilting class. It was such fun! I may never take a "real class" again! I didn't even have to get dressed! PJ's are so comfortable for studying.

I could do the class drawing assignments when ever I wanted. I didn't have to be anyplace at a certain time! This class was about drawing quilting designs on your quilt. Morning, noon or night I could draw for a few minutes, or for hours. I didn't have to load my supplies or my machine or whatever I may need into the car and drive anyplace! You might say "well you missed being with other quilters"----are you kidding! They were everywhere. From around the world literally! All chatting online and sharing pictures, and talking one on one with the quilt instructor and with each other. It was great! I've already signed up for another class.
Another wonderful online learning resource is QNN TV. You can join for a very reasonable price similar to the price of an annual magazine subscription. They also have many free videos. I'm learning about continuos curve quilting on a long arm with Linda Taylor on QNN. The neat thing about learning online is if you "don't get it" the first time, you can back up the video and watch it again. I plan to watch all of LInda's video series. Awesome!

There are hundreds of free tutorial on You Tube about quilting, and on some of the long arm and quilting websites, the teachers are showing how they do some of their techniques . Don't over look the generous Bloggers that are now sharing and teaching quilting online. It's a new way of learning. Roll call---I'll be there!


Purple Pam said...

Sounds like you had a great time and learned a lot from your online class. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie, So glad you had a fun time in class! Your class exercise drawings are fabulous, you should be proud of yourself!
Regards, Carla http://featheredfibers.wordpress.com

Backwoods Quilter said...

Just checked out your blog, Angie. After getting to know you through on line group, I thought I would take a look. I've taken a number of on line classes through Quilt University. I live in a rural area and this is an easy non fuel using way of increasing my skills as well as meeting other quilters.