October 02, 2010

Finished & New

I finished this quilt yesterday. It's a variation on the log cabin pattern by Sandy Turner. I started this quilt in one of Sandy's classes at our guild years ago. The pattern is named "Pumpkin Patch"------as it's supposed to have an assortment of pumpkins, vines, leaves, chickens and more leaves appliqued all around the center of the quilt. I did one pumpkin and said to myself, not going there! :o) It's approx. 62" x 84" inches. I used the "Lush Leaves" pantograph with some new thread I've been wanting to try out.

Here is a more detailed view of the thread and the pantograph design.
(click to enlarge pic.)

Connecting Thread introduced a new long arm thread last week. Essential Thread PRO. Being an official "thread collector", I had to order just a few cones to see how it stitched out. It's 70 wt. 3 ply polyester thread. I controlled myself and ordered two 3,315 yard cones.
"Ocean Mist" & "Lilac"
The thread has nice matte finish, and if you didn't know it was polyester, you would think it's cotton. No splitting cut ends like some polyester threads have a habit of doing. It ran smoothly on the long arm. No tweeking or glitches at all.

The only thing I noticed about it is ---well, you don't notice it! I know that sounds odd in a way, but I used "Lilac" on the log cabin quilt. You can't see that the thread is any particular color. Even though the stitching is on some very dark brown and rust colored fabrics. It is also on some very light colored fabrics in the quilt, and still you see no discernible Lilac color.

This can be a positive thing---or a negative. On the cone the color is obvious, but due to the fine 70 wt., the color simply disappears and blends into the fabric.

I may reserve this thread for more detailed stippling, feather stems & backtracking, trapunto and pebbling. Wherever "fine" thread is more suitable. This thread would also be lovely used with whole cloth type quilting.

My other new tool is quite the marvel, and you wonder why some one didn't think of it before now. The new Sullivan "Edge" rotary cutter/sharpener rulers. I ordered just one---but, I'm considering ditching my old rulers for a whole new set of these. How novel an idea! And best of all---it works! Cut fabric and sharpen your rotary cutter blade all at the same time! The rulers have a non-slip frosted backing ---another plus.


Anonymous said...

Angie, your quilt is absolutely gorgeous, I love it! I have a log cabin planned for my next quilt... never done one before. Love the panto too!

I've been curious about that new thread, with the ultr fine weight. Glad to hear it runs well without breaking, I was a bit concerned with it being 70wt.

A ruler that sharpens!!!!! OMG I've got to try that, I'm hell on my blades!

Em said...

The leaves motif is so beautifully quilted. Gives a sense of fall warmth with the hue of red used. I can't do traditional quilting so I am in awe of your talent! Found you off of Green Fairy Quilts and look forward to following you.