October 27, 2010


Once upon a time I purchased one of those easy to make pillowcase kits at a quilt show. The fabric was so cute, and it was fun to make! Every once in awhile I get into a mood of wanting to make pillowcases because it uses up some of those fabrics I'm not sure I will use for a quilt, or that I just have enough to make a pillowcase, plus they are such a useful thing to make for anyone.

I made these last night. They take about 30 mins. each. I sent these off to our grand kids .

This quick method is also such a clever way to make a pillowcase! The fan folding of the body of the pillowcase into the cuff, and the way the fabric flips out with the cuff and the trim all attached, and all you have to do is even up the side, and seam them. Neat-0!

Mary Johnson has a very good pillowcase tutorial using this quick method.

(click pic.)


Purple Pam said...

Very nice pillowcases. I like that pattern, too. It is fast and easy. One of the ladies in our guild calls that pattern the "burrito method". I like making pillowcases also. They are a nice gift and fun and easy to make. And yes, they do use up a lot of fabric. They really are stash busters!

Holly Kiker said...

do i count as a grandkid???????????????? :D

JudyCinNC said...

Nice to meet you Angie and I really enjoyed reading your blog.

I also use the "burrito" or "hot dog" pillowcase method. Our cases go to Conkerr Cancer for kids in area hospitals and the small band would never lay down in the laundry. We cut the small band to 1-1/4" and sewed it to the cuff fabric (you do not fold over). When layering, pinning, and fanning the fabric up, always pin/sew the stack to the newly sewn band edge of the cuff. Enclose with other side of cuff fabric and sew. The little band is sewn in and you still have the look which works well for donated cases. I also use this method for "grands" and "great grands" cases, as their parents just wash, dry, done - no ironing. Judy C at www.shadetreequilting.com