October 17, 2010

New & Old

When I left for the quilt retreat I took the new 18" "Edge" ruler with me so my quilting friends could try it out. For the week I used the new Sullivan ruler here at home, I was ready to order more of them. So, I did. When I returned home the new rulers had arrived. I'm impressed with the "Edge" rulers not only because they keep your rotary cutter blades sharpened, but because they grip the fabric better than any other rulers I've used. Many of the quilters at retreat enjoyed using the "Edge" ruler.

There was one quilter who didn't care for the concept. She had bought along her own new small "Edge". The smaller 4.5" x 8.5" ruler. She said it didn't sharpen her blade.

However, I suggested that perhaps with short runs of the rotary cutter ( only 8.5" inches)---there was not enough friction on the rotary cutter blade against the edge of the ruler to produce the sharpening effect that one would have running it the entire length of an 18" or 24" inch "Edge" ruler. Something to consider.

I've tried a dull rotary cutter blade on the 18" "Edge" ruler and after 5 cutting passes the dull rotary cutter blade was sharper! More cuts--- and it was totally sharp. Even if your not impressed with the sharpening effect of the these new rulers, the fact that they stay put and don't slip and slide around on the fabric is well worth the purchase for me.

I started one new project at retreat, and worked on one UFO that has been lingering and that I want to finish. That's Judy's Patchwork Times "Memorial Day" challenge quilt. If you recall, it's the project I cut the 105 half square triangles the wrong size. Well, I re-cut & re-stitched & resized new half square triangles --and I'm making progress once again. Yeah!
The new project is pattern I found on the Quilts of Valor Chat. A Yahoo group I belong to. I found the pattern appealing and versatile. Recalling my dig through the "cubbie stash" fabrics?---and finding the Corvette panels, and wondering what to do with them?
This pattern works great for pillow panel type fabrics---like the Corvettes. Or any other large fabric panels you don't know quite what to do with.
I'm auditioning some ideas for the borders now. What's more American in our automobile building history than the Corvette? The first ever American built sports car.


Bonnie said...

The edge ruler looks interesting. My one question is where do the little metal filings go to? I'm assuming there must be some filings coming off of the ruler. Heck, it might be worth just to have the edge to sharpen the blades even if you didn't even use it to cut.
(and I have a lot of used blades hanging around!)

Your log cabin and chevy looks super.

onlymehere said...

Very creative and I'm loving it! I know my boys would love this quilt. I haven't heard of these rulers but they sound fabulous!

Purple Pam said...

Your "panel" quilt pattern is a wonderful idea. I have a few panels I could plunk into the center of your quilt and they would look super.

It appears everyone at retreat was very busy sewing.

Rebecca said...

Love the quilt! I had a red corvette singray 1964, had a little poodle to ride with me too!...lol