March 19, 2011

30's Quilted

I finished quilting my friends 30's print quilt. I used the Circle Lord Swirls in the center of the quilt top, and feathers on the border. I won't attempt this method again! It turned out to be somewhat difficult to stop at the seam line of where the center panel of the quilt meets the border. From now on when using a panto or template and it's "edge to edge" all the way. Oh well--- tried a new thing, and learned a new thing!

I love how it turned out though---hope she does too.

Do you think a puppy can ever have too many toys!

Sassy 3 months


Rebecca said...

Oh Angie..... that is Beautiful!! I like the way you quilted it. I'm sure your friend is going to be very pleased.

Sassy is soooo cute!

Purple Pam said...

Your quilting design is great. Sassy is too cute. And yes, a puppy can have too many toys. She will have too many toys when you cannot find her among her toys! LOL!