March 25, 2011

Quilting & Elizabeth

I loaded Kristie's quilt onto the frame this a.m. I wanted to try my Martilli's Zip Clip to load this quilt. Click on the picture, and you can see the clips on the leader. You will also see some straight pins---the zip clips did not work. :o( Once I started tensioning the quilt backing, the zip clips slipped out of position. Well, so much for that idea.

Some of Deloa Jones leaves on the borders.

Gingo disk design and free motion in the center of the large blocks.


In 1998 Life magazine did an article on Elizabeth Taylor and her upcoming brain tumor surgery. I couldn't help but notice the pretty quilt covering her as she lay in her hospital bed. I wondered do you suppose she's a quilter?

I wrote to her and received a nice reply along with an autographed picture. I've always thought that it was very kind of her to have her personal secretary to send a reply considering her health at the time. I must admit I also was a tad disappointed she was not a quilter, but she must have loved this quilt someone made especially for her. Goodbye lovely lady. You will be missed.


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Sweet Sassy


Diane said...

bummer about the zip clips-have you tried zippers? I just pin--sometimes I think the old fashioned way is easier...except when I stab myself with one of those HUGE pins.

Christine said...

I never knew you received this letter from Elizabeth. That is very kind she answered your letter. I believe that is what made her so special is that she was enjoyed her fans. I watched a special on her last night. She had a very interesting life.

Purple Pam said...

Such a colorful, pretty quilt. I like the quilting design you chose. Too bad about the zip clips.