March 04, 2011

Fresh Off the Frame

This star quilt top was made by my friend Joyce. I quilted it with one of my favorite Jodi Beamish pantographs, "Butterfly Garden". I like the small overall scale of this charming pantograph, and that it is a continuous design the width and length of the pantograph paper. It fills all the "nooks & crannies" as they say--- beautifully as you move from a heart up into a swirl then into a leaf or a butterfly, and before you know it you have the quilting completed.


Sassy out on the lawn today!


Mary Johnson said...

Love the quilt and quilting. I haven't seen that panto but I bet it's too wide for my frame.

Sassy is very, very cute but I don't see much Bichon in her.

Anonymous said...

Like that panto...I should really take up pantographs. There are some terrific ones out there and it would help me out a lot when my brain is tired. :-)

Purple Pam said...

Nice quilting design. Darling picture of Sassy. She is getting bigger.

Dawn said...

I am so pleased to see that you have another dog, - they are such a wonderful addition to our lives. My heart broke for you reading about you old dog, & brought back memories of our old boy that passed away last June. We did however get another dog 9 months prior to his death, being aware that he was most likely on his last year. As we had done 30 years of heavy shedding dogs, we decided on a standard poodle. We got her at 15 months old, & as the breeder said she was dog door trained, we thought the toilet training was taken care of! But, she went out our dog door, came in our dog door, then peed & pooped on my new carpet!! She was quite difficult to toilet train. This made for a difficult bonding period for her & I at the time, - but now, 18 months later we are having a wonderful time together & enjoy going off to formal dog training. She is doing agility work & is also going to become a therapy dog.
Enjoy you new baby, & hopefully the toilet training is not too difficult. She certainly is cute.
Dawn in TN