January 04, 2012

Blogging Reflections

It's the new year, and I felt like redoing my blog. I don't know which is easier. Redoing a room, or the blog! :o) It's been difficult to decide on what color to paint the blog, just like it is difficult to pick a paint color for a room. Dark or light? Bright or subdued. Fonts, text size and color. right or left options, triple or double. I'm still testing all my options, and having fun looking at templates. Learning a lot in the process. So, maybe when you visit next time---who knows what it will be like here! :o)

Then there's the "widgets". Those areas on the right side of the blog screen. What text, what color, what to leave, what to remove. Move them up, down, delete them?

And now I really don't even know why I named the blog Timber Hill Threads ---years later why am I pondering that? It's sort of a done deal on blog-land once you give yourself a name.

I was looking for something that described where I live, and catchy sounding with what my hobby is, which is sewing, making quilting, machine quilting and I use a lot of "thread". And I have a ton of thread! But, now I think the name makes it look like I sell thread, which I don't. But, I meant it to mean the "threads of my life" in a nostalgic philosophical sort of way----Timber Hill Threads. (get it) oh, maybe not.

I've been looking at other peoples blogs and it dawned on me how much they advertise things and link after link to other things. Some for sale, some not. I tried the advertising for a few weeks. I think I was supposed to make money if you clicked on the ad. I don't know if you did. Don't tell me. I never got any money. I also felt like a commercial. So, scratch that Ad widget. If I like something, I'll just tell you. If you think you might like it, you can try it. O.K.

What about links to other blogs. How do you feel about those? I noticed how many bloggers don't have a widget or list or link to other bloggers blogs at all. They just blog, and if you find them on the internet or on another bloggers "favorite blogs" list, it's all chance that you get to read their blogs. I have noticed many visitors here use my blog as a jumping off point to explore other bloggers. Like I may be keeping my "favorite bloggers" list just for their use. I don't even know if they read what I write. Oh well, I'm serving a purpose of sorts.

I wanted to write something under my header about what my blog is about like many bloggers do. So far I have not succeeded. It's such a mish-mosh of things I do and write or reflect on. I don't post on any regular basis either. So, you can't rely on me to keep up with a daily blogging diary.

Just some thoughts on blogging.


Erica said...

I am just getting my own blog going and appreciate your thoughts. I found coming up with a name to be really difficult. I think Timber Hill Threads is a great name and not once did I ever assume you had a thread shop. I always figured you lived somewhere on or near "Timber Hill". I have found most of my favourite blogs (including this one) through a list on someone else's blog. I usually figure that if I like someone's blog, chances are I would like a blog they follow as well. The biggest thing I find is I start following all those links and sometimes to "what was I trying to look up, anyway?". I like your changes; they are fresh, like the new year.

dining furniture perth said...
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Linda in TX said...

I read you faithfully Angie and I like the tone of your blog - quilting and daily life. I think you've already done a great job!

Diane said...

I think your blog name is great-and I know who you are through it. I like bloglists on blogs. I figure if I like the blog I might like their favorites too. I don't have one on mine cuz I always forget too and I spend so much time on the computer I hate to do it---ok I'm LAZY! ;)
I have the same thoughts as you on ads on my blog, but I've never tried it.
I love your new layout very pretty and polished.

Lindah said...

Happy New Year! I haven't been around for awhile, but I always enjoy your blog. Such a pretty new look to your page. I like your name Timber Hill Threads. I know that is you and the name brings to mind the photos of your beautiful yard. Sometimes when I have the time (which hasn't been for awhile), I like to visit the names on a blogger's list or even their commenters. I have found some favorites that way. I hope the new year is good to you. Looking forward to seeing your latest quilting project.

Purple Pam said...

Angie, I have many of the same thoughts about my blog. I wonder who reads it? Why am I writing it? I have also thought about changing my blog to be more current/trendy. But that is not me so I will probably keep it just the way it is. I do want to post more often, so I need to sew more so I will have something to post about! It's a Catch 22 situation!

I like your blog, old and new. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year.

Katie said...

I know what you mean. I'm going to be in the sandbox forever. :-) So I don't have any fabulous insights to share. It looks good though.