January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here it is the first day of a New Year. One of my resolutions is to make 2012 more productive, and memorable so that I can look back on this year next January and say I accomplished something on this first day of 2012, instead of day dreaming about it.

2011 passed by so fast. Of course as the years have progressed I feel more and more like that. It must be my age. However, I also hear the younger generation remark about this same feeling, so perhaps it is the fast paced time we live in more than the actual ticking of our clocks and torn away calendar pages that make time pass so quickly.

Deny it or not, or if I should write it down here or in a journal, or else where---I still make a few new year resolutions. Not so much voiced or in print, but I know what they are. Even knowing full well many of them will not be completed or accomplished. It's more about the joyful feeling that on this day of the first of January 2012 with a clean slate and the new year stretching before me that I plan to fulfill some of those resolutions.

I don't know if I would these thoughts resolutions. I think they are more about hope---I hope to achieve this goal or finish that project. I hope to spend more time doing this or that. I'm hoping that this will happen and so forth..... The saying 'hope springs eternal' could apply to many of these resolutions.

With that philosophical thought in mind I celebrate the first day of January filled with hope, and I wish all my family and friends a new year filled good health, fulfilled hopes and dreams and a successful 2012 whatever your new year resolutions may be.

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Christine said...

Happy New Year Mom!