January 23, 2012

Rain---and Quilting

It's been raining off an on for three days. 3-1/2 inches since late Thursday. Yay!

I loaded and finished Carolynn's beautiful donation quilt on the long arm yesterday.
The pantograph is "Fan Fare Grande" from Urban Elementz. A flowing easy to follow panto. It fills the space well


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

we got an inch of rain last night; 2-1/2" before that. We're kinda soggy ... but better that than dry!

The quilting looks terrific! The quilt seems to cover just a whole lot of real estate! They take forever to quilt, don't they? :-)

Thanks for the link on the panto. I'm glad to hear that it was easy to follow; sometimes designs that are also digitized are very fussy .. easy enough for a computer to do, not so much for a human.

Margo in Maine said...