July 24, 2012

Blog Ads

I don't advertise on my blog as a general rule. So, there are no side bar ads here. Some bloggers have chosen to have ads you can click on on the sides of their blogs, and the latest blogger thing is the annoying pop up ads if you move your mouse near or over the ads----I have read you can make money from these ads. From twenty five to several hundred dollars a year.

However, I have found these blogger ads annoying for the most part, and I don't personally want to visually bombard my friends and family who visit here just so I can earn some cool cash, which I'm told is why these ads are appearing more and more on many of the blogs nowadays

Now if I was truly in need of extra cash, which I'm told is not a whole lot of revenue by the way, then I might be tempted to cover each side, top and bottom and anywhere else I could squeeze in a spot with advertising that would supposedly increase my annual income. With just a click from you, my dear friend.

Or maybe I'm just not convinced enough to think blog ads are going to pay for a cruise or buy me a new car! or even another spool of thread or yard of fabric!

However, since I have a loving family, wonderful friends, good food, a nice comfy home, clothes, lots and lots of fabric, thread---then you know I'm not having financial worries at this time, or things are not bad enough that I need to insert ads around the blog.

I know, here I am blogging (venting) about blog ads from the place that provides me a platform to speak on the internet....(from the hand that feeds you, as they say).

Many of my blogger friends, and the wonderful blogs I love to read have succumbed to the financial lure of the "ads". A sign of the times I guess. 

I hope you don't want to place ads on your blog, but if you want to read more about it, here are some links to ad info.

About Ad Sense on your Blog

About Blog Her Ads


onlymehere said...

I have actually quit visiting many blogs with these ads because like you I find them extremely annoying. Thanks for not adding them. I come to learn more about sewing and I always love it when you show your sewing studio as I used it as inspiration for my own sewing sanctuary! Hope you're having a nice day today!

Candace said...

I don't mind them so much if they are 'just' there, but I hate the ones you mentioned where every time you accidentally get near one with your mouse a pop up blocks what you're trying to read. It takes away the pleasure of the visit, and many of the blogs are I like to visit have these. I have also thought of quitting visiting some, but haven't at this point, I'd miss them. I second Cindy's "Thank you".

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

I don't mind the side bar ads so much but I do notice that certain blogs are just incredibly crowded with ads and I just don't want to visit those. What I do mind are the product endorsements embedded in the blog posts themselves obviously prompted by the advertisers in the side bar. One of my favorite blogs has gotten endorsement happy lately and it really bugs me.

Mary Johnson said...

I dislike them intensely myself although if I'm using a product myself, I certainly talk about it and share a link but there's no benefit to me ... Just hopefully to my readers who might also be interested.

colleencl said...

Ha, ha Angie!! As usual, well said ... and since it's your blog, you can use that platform to say anything you want!! Have a great day!

Janna and Mike said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog (Tin Tee Pee) and I so envy you your collection of magna-glide Fil-Tec bobbins!!! I love how easy adjusting tension is with those bobbins!

Purple Pam said...

No blog ads for me. I can barely keep up with the technology it takes to enter a post on my blog!

QuilterBee said...

AGREE! They ARE annoying. There is one pop up on a blog where this this follows my mouse around! I can't even read around it. I have to just X out of the whole thing. Yes. Annoying.Very. Amie in Tn :o)