July 31, 2012

Witchy Way Start

Our internet has been down since yesterday afternoon. Amazing what I can get done if I stay off the computer. One of the things I accomplished was to load the Witchy Way Halloween quilt and start the quilting.

I found out I don't like the clear Aurifil thread I bought. It's too shiny. I had planned to do the entire quilt using clear thread. Not happening.....

Instead I will be changing out threads. Orange and Black, Black and Orange. Maybe even some other colors thrown into the mix.

This quilt is going to take a while. I can tell. This morning I had to deal with poor thread tension on the back because it took me awhile to get the tension reset after running the Aurifil clear thread. I plan to do a lot of detail outline quilting. No particular quilting designs planned. I'm being creative!
That little border at the top with all the small Halloween motifs is bothering me though. Not sure what I will stitch there. If anything.  I'm not going to outline all those green shingles though!---that I know for sure. :o)


Unknown said...

cute halloween quilt ;)

Purple Pam said...

What a great Halloween quilt. For the shingles, why not follow the bottom of the shingle (scallops) across the quilt?

colleencl said...

Hi Angie -- Love the details on your quilting so far ... great idea about the shingles ... that was my first thought too! The tension issues that you talked about is why I've never had the courage to try the clear thread I bought ... ha ha!!