July 12, 2012

Just Because---

Everyone has good-days & bad days. Keep going---one step, one day, one week at a time---


onlymehere said...

Thank you Angie for this thought. It couldn't have been needed more today. My daughter and grandchildren are moving out of state. They come over at least every other day and are a huge, HUGE part of my life so they'll be missed terribly. Thanks for reminding me that I just need to get through today....oh and learn how to skype!

Purple Pam said...

Amen, sister!

QuilterBee said...

Hey Angie, hope everythig is alright. Praying that whatever is wrong is fixed ASAP! Amie in Tn.

Angie said...

Amie, there is nothing wrong in my life. I posted this sign as an inspiration for everyone that is having some hardship in their lives and who may be feeling down. Thankfully, my life is good!