March 23, 2013

The Singer Featherweight Extension Table

I've received several emails inquiring about the Featherweight extension table you have seen in some of my blog pictures.  The company that makes them is Bob Corey Associates Custom Extension Tables.    I found mine on eBay and it's the "mini" Singer Featherweight extension table.  There are a variety of sizes.

Singer Featherweight extension table.

 I do find it a bit lightweight, and it slips around. So I plan to glue some round pieces of that shelf liner stuff to the bottom of each foot to stop that. Right now I have a piece of shelf liner under the machine on the table I'm sewing at.  I choose the mini size because it's easier to transport and use on limited table space, yet I like that it keeps my wrist and hand from resting directly on the Featherweight gold decals and it also gives me additional space to adjust the pieces of quilt blocks and support them as I sew.

Plus, it is so cute that the extension table matches the little Black Featherweight machines!

I think the company also makes them other colors.  When I saw them on eBay I didn't realize their was a company associated with the extension tables until I received mine. (no affiliation, just happy with the product)


Purple Pam said...

I like your Featherweight extension table. I have seen clear plastic ones, but none that actually match the machine. Great find.

Unknown said...

We are the company that makes the various Engraved featherweight extension tables you are showing here. They can be found on our website We also make the foot pedal attachment that makes the footpedal much easier to use.
thank you
Our tables are veteran made in USA!