March 12, 2013

Two Day Baby Quilt

I've heard of those weekend quilts.  I don't think I've ever managed to make a quilt in two days. However, this flannel baby quilt was finished in two days. Amazing what you can do when you have a deadline!  My daughter wanted a "quick" baby shower gift for the weekend.

What I liked about doing this is it's flannel.  It's so soft! It's for a new baby! and I got to use my embroidery machine.  Anytime I can make a project that combines both sewing and embroidery, it's more fun.  I feel like I'm getting "full use" of the machine.

 I used one of the many appliqué machine embroidery designs I have downloaded and saved. One appliqué Bear  in each corner of the top piece of flannel.
 I then sandwiched the two pieces of flannel with Warm n' Natural batting between, and made a six inch stitched grid across the top of flannel. Pin basted the backing, batting and top of the quilt ----and then I used the same appliqué bear design outline minus the bow on the bear in each of the six inch squares to create the "quilted" bear effect by hooping each six inch square and using the embroidery machine to create the quilting design.  This hooping and machine outline was the most time consuming part of making the baby quilt, otherwise it went pretty fast.  Of course it depends on the embroidery design you choose.   Below is the quilt back.
Attached the binding, and washed to remove any of the registration lines I had marked with blue wash out pen.  Tumble dry.  The directions for making the flannel machine embroidery baby quilt are at Perfect Little Stitches  There are several suggested methods to make the flannel baby quilt on the website. This one measured 40" x 40" finished. 


Candace said...

It's adorable,with all those little bears I'm amazed you were able to finish it in two days.

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

Great idea for a baby quilt - so sweet.

Purple Pam said...

Love your baby quilt, and your Bonnie's braided quilt, too.

Wow, I was reading and looking at the pix in your tree cutting post. It is amazing how those guys cut those trees down. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for the pix.

Your new Brother sewing machine looks great. Glad it is working well for you.

Eileen said...

Hi Angie,
I have listed your blog on my blog for an award that I've received. Pass it on if you like.