January 05, 2014

Bookcase Cleaned!

It took most of the day, but the books are in the back of the car. Problem is they will be there most of the week and I may be tempted to bring a few back into the house!  I did keep some, but as you can see I bagged a lot of books!

I vacuumed, dusted, sorted and rearranged.

There is one shelf with books, and the one shelf below has my machine users manual and some embroidery software books.  I moved my antique thread case onto one shelf, and a vintage sewing basket on the next shelf.  There is still more book purging I could do, but I'll wait and see if I refer to any of the remaining books in the next few months. If not, they will be packed and gone as well.  How did I accumulate all this stuff! Geesh!

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Ivory Spring said...

Oh my goodness - I love your sewing room!