January 09, 2014

"Homestead" with Anita Goodesign

I have started a new "forever" project on the Ellisimo.  (Let me hope it's not a long forever!)-- I have a box full of Anita Goodesign discs from when I joined their club last year.  Honestly I have not done much with them except the Prayer Garden quilt and a round table topper.  I really like their quilt with embroidery type projects.

I've been wanting to do another embroidery quilt. Their "Homestead" quilt beckoned me. 

It's a mix of embroidery with machine appliqué.  Houses, animals and quilt in a country sampler style. I'm doing the larger "A" version.  I've hunted the internet for other quilters who may have made this quilt, but could only find a few.  After spending time testing one block, perhaps I understand the reason for that.  My first test block took 4 hours, and the first block today took 2 hours. An 8 x 8 block no less!

Picking fabrics, trimming appliqués, thread changes and stitching the actual embroidery. It is going to be a long process I fear----I plan to do a block each day. 25 to 30 blocks for the 43 x 58 quilt. I have a collection of civil war print fabrics for the appliqués. Sharp scissors on hand! Lots of thread!

This is the 1st block.  It reminds of the chapel at Bishops Ranch. Sweet!



Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

Angie, this is going to be a really great quilt but just like hand applique machine applique takes a lot of time. Doesn't it just drive you nuts when people say, "well the machine does all the work, doesn't it?"

Purple Pam said...

Oh Angie, your first block is wonderful. These blocks may be time consuming, but I think it will be well worth the effort.

Sally RipStitcher said...

Hey Angie!!!!

I have this design pack, too. And honestly, I bought it thinking that if I wind up being able to stay in this house (I'm renting - hoping to buy it) .. that I'd use that design along the bottom edge of the curtains I'd like to make for the windows over my kitchen sink and by my breakfast table. Love yours! Sally wwww.RipStitcher.com

Dreams can come true! said...

I purchased another one of her quilt in the hoop design, It called to me too during a 2 day seminar I took with Anita Gooddesign co. I too did my first block this week and it took me 4 hours also. Ugh. It is the mariners compass. I will keep you informed on my progress.