January 02, 2014

Quilting-Double Slice Layer Cake

Christmas is gone---a New Year has started. I love the new year.  I finally got this quilt top off the design wall this new day, new month, new year.  Once again I procrastinated over the backing fabric. Seaming the backing to be exact always gets me down.  That is my "quilting hang-up".  Making backings. I roll along until that final phase. Mental block!

I found some 45" fabric on the sale table at our local Beverly's Crafts and Fabric shop for the backing. I really wanted one of those wide 108" quilt backings, but their selection leaves a lot to be desired.   I bought the whole bolt of this, or what was left of it for the backing. I'm in love with this fabric! The search is on to find more. Look at all the colors and designs! It could go with a lot of tops! and I didn't even mind the measuring and seaming with this!

Here is my "cheap" quilt top!  I call it cheap because I bought the layer cake fabric when Missouri Star Quilt Company had it on their daily deal. It was $20.95 that day.  If you don't already subscribe to Missouri Star website, do sign up. Jenny Doan's tutorials are wonderful, and I used her Double Slice Layer Cake tutorial to make this quilt top one Saturday.  The white and colorful border fabric sashing is from my stash, but the quilt top was completed with the 42  pieces of 10" cake fabrics. The quilt measures approx. 68" x 72" with the addition of the borders.

This pattern is so easy and quick.

Another daily deal layer cake from Missouri Star for another quilt. 

I started quilting yesterday after a struggle with my tension. "Polly" never acts up like this, so I was totally at a loss on how to ease her pain, and mine!  Turns out it was a poorly wound bobbin. Not my doing. It was a Magna Glide pre wound.  My reliable brand. I pitched it when I found after an hour of cleaning, changing needles, pulling out more bobbin thread and test sewing that there was a big mess of thread right about in the middle of the pre wound. Criss-crossed, overlapping mess----I could have never made this poorly tensioned bobbin work. My apologies to "Polly" who heard a few bad words.

I didn't accomplish much actual quilting.  I'm using the Circle Lord "Cosmos" board. 

It's a start
Rolling on
Total cost for a quick quilt. Approx. $45.00 including backing and batting. If you do a lot of donation quilts, this is a good deal. Cutting the 10" layer cakes from you own stash---Save even more!


Borderline Quilter said...

Well, at least you made a start Angie, better than me....it's a lovely looking quilt, I'm off to watch that tutorial.....Happy New Year from Kay in Scotland.....

Purple Pam said...

Love those bright colors. Your backing is a great match with more bright colors. Good choices.