January 24, 2014

The Search--Perfect Sewing Desk

Everything is going as planned with the remodeling of the sewing room. The contractor came this past Tuesday, and he thought he could tear down the wall,  remove the framing around both closets and create empty alcoves there. Remove the one doorway and sheetrock and plaster that area and also around the header beam where the wall is now, plus move the electric baseboard heater that is on the wall all for very acceptable price. Keep the one doorway intact.  We are looking at March 6th for the tear down and sheetrock/plaster.

The paint bid was way too expensive though----and so we are either going to paint ourselves, or find someone much more reasonable.

The primary problem I am having now is scouting the  perfect sewing desk, preferably a corner unit with long desks on each side to hold both of my large heavy machines.  This unit would go under one of the corner windows and to the left and right down the walls.

At first I thought I wanted to be away from the windows, but I think the corner set up would give me much more space out in the room for the cutting table, and the ironing table and I still would have one wall as a design wall . Everything else will be in the cubbies I plan to put in the resulting closet alcoves.

Flooring and paint---are no problem. I'm not even concerned about packing up everything. Today I took many of the collectible nick-nacky dust collectors down and packed them up for donations.

Finding the ideal sewing station is more difficult than I thought.  I have looked at "real" sewing cabinets, and they are so pricey.  I have looked at L shaped desks at Office Depot and Staples. Some are a maybe. Now I'm considering having our kitchen cabinet builder come in and give us an estimate on custom building the L shape unit that would go in the corner. It could be much more reasonable than anything I've seen so far. This is sort of what I'm looking for….only longer going left and right, and with a corner unit that has drawers like in the second picture.

(yes, I've thought about Ikea) but it's a long trip, borrowing a pickup, hauling stuff home and building everything ourselves. The only thing appealing about Ikea is the good prices. It would be my last resort after I exhaust every thing here in our area.


Lisa Boyer said...

Angie--have you tried Scandinavian Designs in Santa Rosa? They have some inexpensive Ikea-like office furniture that might do. They also have a "seconds" warehouse in an adjacent building (the warehouse has odd hours though...call before you go). Some of their stuff is very pricey, but their kid's furniture and office furniture can be reasonable! They also deliver. They do have a website, but they have catalogs there that you can order from. Good luck!

onlymehere said...

For my new sewing table I had a cabinet shop do a laminate top for me and cut the grommet holes in for my power cords to go through. I put banquet legs on it so it's easy to move if I need to. I had the banquet legs cut down to an ergonomic height for me. I no longer get neck pain when I sew and can sew all day comfortably. I measured to the top of the sewing throat plate to get it exactly ergonomically correct. It was a relatively inexpensive table and is the perfect size and height for me. You can buy premade cabinet tops and use them as a base if you want to save money instead of having them custom made. I'm so excited to see how this all comes together.

onlymehere said...

P.S. I reinforced the laminate top so it wouldn't bow in the center and would last a long time.

Sue Daurio said...

How nice to be design a new work surface. I think the cabinet maker is a great idea. Maybe he can even do a cut in the top so your machine will be flush with the surface. My husband did that for my sewing table. I just love it

Unknown said...

I'm excited for you, Angie! I'll have to pay closer attention to your blog...I need to find out how to be notified when you post.