August 13, 2009

Sold!---Rosie- My Long Arm is for Sale


If you are interested in owning a nice long arm machine---She has been good to me! "Rosie" my APQS Ultimate II is for sale starting today. I'm finishing up a quilt, and then she is ready to move out of here. Rosie is not upset as she is looking for a new owner to love her! Not that I don't, but I'm upgrading to a newer machine in the near future, and Rosie would feel crowded with the new machine sitting next to her. She needs her space! Here is a brief description.

Ultimate II with Intellistitch IS/Turbo Stitch Regulator. Large 20" by 8" arm area . Smooth Edgerider wheels. V Groove tracking. Smooth operating carriage with built in Laser light. Front and rear handles and controls. Needle up/down/positionar. Flywheel cover. Size L bobbin. Will include many aluminum bobbins and 3 bobbin cases. Quilt EZ Stylus. Acrylic Hartley slide on ruler base. Four Kimmy Brunner clamps with Velcro side tension. Round 1/2" foot. Good visibility and lighting under the front handle assembly. 9' foot professional steel frame with wood surface and wood side roller mounts. Cotton duck leaders. Clear pantograph plastic cover. K-Kraft stand alone bobbin winder.

Well maintained and in good working condition. In use at the present time while I complete a quilt. Sorry, I can't ship due to the heavy table. "Rosie" needs a new loving home.
Price: $4800.00


onlymehere said...

I'm sorry if I'm rusting Rosie by drooling on her. Some day I wish to adopt someone just like her but since I'm clear in Utah and short on funds I'll have to be brave and watch her go to another home where they'll love her too. I'm excited though that you get to upgrade. Cindy

marilyn said...

how much?

Jacquie said...

I love your blog, you are so creative. Sorry I don't have room for Rosie, but do you quilt for Others???

Angie said...
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Anonymous said...

Angie, I would ask on the yahoo list but that is read far and wide. I am curious about what is in your future for a new machine/frame setup.


Angie said...

Hi Cari,
This is farther and wider---I haven't said, but soon!