August 17, 2009

Searching for a Moon Glow Quilt Kit

Does Jenny Beyers "Moon Glow" quilt kit look familiar to you? Maybe it's something you bought at a quilt show, or from a catalog. Maybe you want to sell this quilt kit now because you're not going to ever make this quilt. Cleaning out your fabric and pattern stash? I would like to buy this quilt kit at a negotiated reduced price if you want to part with it.

I know the places that sell it new, but I'm hoping to buy it for less than the catalog prices. Email me if you have one to sell.

Update: I listed this ISO of a Yahoo group and have had several responses of kits that quilters want to sell. So, it looks like I have found one! Yipee!

1 comment:

onlymehere said...

Oh, it is beautiful! I don't have one but I wish you luck on your quest to find one. Cindy