August 06, 2009

Salvaging Fabric

You may recall all 5" inch 30's print fabrics I cut with the GO cutter that were inaccurate. Well, I re-cut it all with Pat Yamin's small 3" inch tumbler template using my Brooklyn revolver. All those those cute fabrics are turning---literally, into a baby quilt.

A stack of 10 five inch squares on the revolver! (the lessons we learn---)

I've had this
Brooklyn Revolver for years. It's what I used to cut the I Spy quilt and also the Fanfare to Hero's quilt among other things.Why did I forget how great this revolving cutting system works---10 layers cut accurately with Pat's template in less than 30 seconds! Zip-zip!

Pat even has a 6" inch Tumbler template! I could have used to make the large Tumbler quilt had I investigated this more. I just received that template. I guess I thought new was better, when old ways are resurfacing and turning out to be even better than I thought!


Lyn said...

I love the Brooklyn Tumbler, WOW!

Purple Pam said...

I wish I had done a tumbler template instead of the apple core design I am using for my charm quilt. Your tumbler quilt is looking good. That yogurt looks good too.

Rhonda said...

Love that 30's tumbler quilt!
Good luck selling Rosie and congrats on getting an upgrade. :)