August 30, 2009

Whole Cloth Quilt

This is the last quilt I finished on "Rosie". I was literally unpinning as the new owners who purchased "Rosie" arrived.

This quilt has been a challenge due to the fact that there really are no "stitch here first"---"stitch here next" type of directions with whole cloth quilts as I found out. I was lost at first as to where to start a line of stitching and where I would end up if I started in a particular spot.

Like should I do the heart motif first?---or the feather near the base of the heart?---or maybe I am supposed to do the daisy motif and work my way back down the flower stem? It really is different than quilting on a pieced quilt where you are free motioning and have the reference lines of individual sections of the quilt block to stitch from one area onto another area of the quilt.

By the time I rolled and quilted into the center section of the design, I had pretty much figured it out. But it did take awhile.

This is a whole cloth quilt design by Sue Schmieden at

I used Superior So-Fine medium beige thread top and bobbin and Warm and Natural batting which I like for wall hangings. The quilt measures 58" x 58" as I added the outer border swirls and elongated corner wavy lines.

It was fun to do, even if it was challanging at time. Lots of ripping out of stitches, and retracing lines went on. Let's say I have a new respect and admiration for quilters that do a lot of whole cloth quilts! Hurray!

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