August 06, 2009


I'm into getting healthier this season of my life.

There is a new blood test now that my doctor is encouraging all women to have. It tests your vitamin D level. Which is critical to your overall muscle, tissue and bone health. I was surprised to find I was low in vitamin D. Levels should be above 30, mine is 15. While I have good bone mass, no signs of osteoporosis thank goodness, I'm still not up to par with this important vitamin. In an effort to increase my levels, I now spend more time outdoors in the sun with no sunscreen (which is the new advice given by the experts to increase vit. D levels)--- and I am eating healthier, outdoors more, and exercising.

Sitting and quilting or standing at the frame for hours is not really conducive to your health I'm finding out.

Yogurt has become a main staple in my fridge along with a glass of 1% milk every day. I can't stand low fat "grey" milk, so the 1% has always been my choice except for cooking, grey doesn't matter for the cooking part! I like yogurt with fruit as a mid afternoon break treat, or an evening dessert.

I started investigating yogurt makers recently as I heard making your own yogurt is easy and better. I found this easy fun maker on Amazon. The "Easiyo" real yogurt maker.

Here is my first batch of low fat Apricot Yogurt with fruit! It has a custard texture to it! and is very yummy!

You make it in with the EasiYo bio yogurt mixes many of which are at Amazon or on the EasiYo website. The Yogurt maker was a bit larger than I expected.
(12" x 6") sitting out on the counter. Hard to miss that pink capsule!

I picked the pink---it just looks pretty in pink! There are only 3 steps to follow for mixing the yogurt powder with water, putting it in the pink EasiYo, adding hot water and letting it sit overnight.

I can see why they named it EasiYo!


Christine said...


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

"Sitting and quilting or standing at the frame for hours is not really conducive to your health I'm finding out. "

Neither is sewing or embroidery or reading or being at the computer! All of which are my hobbies ... arrggh!

There should be some compensation for getting older and being heavier shouldn't be one of them! :-)

Sherri said...

Do you have to always buy the powder through online sources or are they in stores as well? It looks so yummy!