May 11, 2010

Book Stash Reduction

I'm still on a roll reducing stashes in the Itsy-Bitsy sewing room. This time it's books. I did the magazines a few weeks ago and sold a lot of them on a quilters Yahoo group (sewitsforsale). Some I took to quilt retreat where they disappeared---and yes (shudder) some simply went into the paper recycle can.

There is a nice thing about getting older and not remembering everything. As I was sorting through the books yesterday, I would flip through the pages and wonder why did I ever buy this book? I can't recall why---so it must not be that important.Into the brown bag you go!
I purchased some of those cardboard magazine/book holders at Staples and hope they help organize some of the books into catagories of: Baby Quilt books, Technique books, Jelly Roll/Strip Piecing books and etc. I'm still sorting but here are the results so far. All the books on the floor still have to sorted through. Some will get put in the brown paper bag, others back on the shelf.
This is more difficult than the fabric stash reduction I did last week. I love books so much! Maybe more than fabric, or even thread!


Cathy said...

Have you considered selling them through I buy a lot of "used" quilting books through there. I look for the ones with good details on the condition of the book.
Just a thought on how to reduce your stash and increase your cash!

Good luck!

Betsy said...

they look good organized but like Cathy I try to sell them on ebay when I no longer need them.

Angie said...

Thanks Cathy and Fiesta, I've heard of this reselling on Amazon, but never thought to do it with my books! I'm going to investigate this more! Thank you!

Unknown said...

I wish I could get my quilt books into such a space. I keep track of mine in Microsoft Works Database, and they now number 1162, and I love every one of them. I like new books, and like to keep them looking new, but like Cathy have bought some "used - like new" on I have also sold some that way, but didn't think some were worth the effort, so donated them to the local guild library. Good luck getting rid of some of your books. Books - especially quilting books - are better than almost anything. Sharon

Purple Pam said...

I am looking for a copy of The Ultimate Half Log Cabin book by Sharon Craig. I have the first edition, but not this later one. If you stumble across one, let me know. I think it is very difficult to reduce my book stash. I have done that a couple of times. It never fails, though, that after I do a book reduction, I will be looking for something and realize that it was in one of the books that I just let go! Murphys Law! LOL!

Mary Johnson said...

A few years ago I tried to sort through my books and was going to donate a stack to the library but ended up keeping them all.