September 07, 2010

Holly's Quilt

Our grandaughter Holly is off to college in a few weeks. She asked if I could make a simple reversible wholecloth type quilt for her extra long twin dorm bed and one that could take the wear & tear of dorm room life. She picked burgundy pinks.

With matching pillowcase/quilt tote.

Holly and I.


Angie said...

That is beautiful! Good choice Holly! :0)

onlymehere said...

What a very special quilt for her to take with her. Good choice of colors for a girl starting off on her own! Love the picture of you with her too!

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Wow! *LOVE* the colors and with the panto that you chose, that must have been the easiest quilt in the world to make! Great job!

And an excellent idea to make a dorm quilt that isn't labor intensive nor emotionally charged. I did the same for our oldest daughter (except I wasn't clever enough to think of a whole cloth quilt; I pieced the one I made).

I knew I could trust *my* daughter to take good care of a quilt .. it was that unknown roommate and the unknown friends of the unknown roommate that concerned me! I had visions of orange Kool-Ade being spilled on a valued quilt. ::shudder::

Anonymous said...

Angie I think you and I are the "swirls queens"! LOL I swear we both use that design more than anything else, it just always looks good on everything!