September 17, 2010

The Padded Room

Today Fedex bought me a replacement flannel for my Cheryl Ann Design Wall. I'm not sure what happened to the first flannel piece, but the last time I set it up at quilt retreat, it looked like it had shrunk. It was pulling on the flexible fiberglass rods and was warping in all directions. I would place quilt blocks on it---and Boink! a rod would come loose and the warp effect would act like a sling-shot and fling all the quilt blocks several feet across the room! It was quite funny at the time, but not very productive!

I store the design wall it in a dry closet, no dampness, so it's a puzzle how the flannel has shrunk over time. I called Cheryl Ann and she said no problem, she would send a free replacement and a return shipping label to send back the original. I really enjoy Cheryl Ann's portable design wall, and it's so handy to have at quilt retreat.

I went digging through the closet where I had stored it last Oct. so I could see how the new flannel fit. Just like new!

I then started looking at all the quilts I had stored in the closet. They had not been refolded in a long while. I read someplace you should refold your stored quilts frequently so the crease lines does not damage the fabric. I don't know if that's true, or an old quilter's tale, but I do this once in a blue moon just to be on the safe side.

I took some of the quilts out to the living room and thought hey, since I have the design wall up, I should take some pictures of some of the quilts This is my first ever baby quilt that I made way back when.
I'm always a bit surprised at my earlier quilting projects. As I've gotten older, and presumably better at quilting, ( I hope)-- I also attempt less intricate long term projects I've noticed. Why is that I wonder. Is it the old adage, ignorance is bliss, or I was so much more carefree years ago with those earlier project, or I've become too careful, trying to not make mistakes that it has kept me "in the box" instead of "out of the box". Perhaps contemplating each detail too much, expecting too much. I wasn't intimidated when I first started quilting. I didn't even know there was a beginner, intermediate, or advanced quilting pattern back then, so I just went for it. Now I study every pattern, consider all the options. Design intricacy's and time mostly and frequently I decide to not even attempt it----

Here is a hand embroidery redwork quilt. Also hand quilted with cross hatching. I think it was about my 4th quilt. I'm not sure I would attempt this now. It took me almost two years to complete which didn't seem to matter that much then. Now it seems I'm in too much of hurry for lengthy projects.

I have made a lot of quilts since I first started quilting. Many gifted to family and friends or given away to charitable organizations. I was surprised at how many quilts of assorted sizes I still have. Table toppers, small wall hangings, lap quilts and bed quilts.

After I had unfolded some of them and spread them around it looked like a Padded Room!
(full view-click on pics)
Boots thought this was the best thing ever! and a great chance for a good quilt snuggle!
The quilts are all refolded, hopefully on another crease line, and back into the closet. After Bill saw the quilts all around the room, his only remark was "are you making more?" Silly question, of course, it's what I do! :o)

There are 32 stacked here, more everywhere else--- if your counting. :o)


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Hiya, Angie! Isn't it really wonderful to have that many projects to lead back on memory lane? So *many* quilts and so many different layouts!

It *is* interesting how our taste changes over time. And how *true* the 'ignorance is bliss' adage. My first machine pieced quilt was a king size log cabin (quilt as you go). No one told me not to do a quilt that large, cuz I didn't KNOW any quilters .... so I just did it!

I think one aspect of not doing the intricate or lengthy quilts these days is a creeping sense that (literally) time is running out. When we were in our 20's, our lifetime was longer than it is now, so what was a long project to us then? :-) Now, however, I find myself thinking that I am *never* going to use up my stash and I've *got* to start using up those dedicated & coordinated "kits" I have made up for myself (I bag up certain pieces of yardage so they don't inadvertently get used for something else). Kind of a sobering thought, huh?

But, it's just being practical and realistic, ya know?

LOVED seeing all the folded quilts you have. What a wonderful legacy you have created with your magical talent. :-)


Anonymous said...

Angie, your post really made me smile :). My first quilt was a queen size, and I had no idea what I was doing. Back then, my only thought was whether or not I liked the pattern. Now, like you, I dissect it and see if I actually want to attempt it!

Those are pretty wonderful pictures, seeing all those quilts spread out around the room. Amazing!

Diane said...

Angie-what a great post. Of course all the quilts to look at is fabulous. I've made the big one you had on the floor-forget the name but it was in a magazine awhile back-one of my favorite quilts. My sister has it now. I miss it. :)
One of my first quilts was a 9-patch with applique hearts in the alternate squares-I did everything by hand and gave it to a friend for her 1st baby.

Re-folding quilts occacionally is a good thing. I read a while back that if you fold them on the bias-4 corners to the center and keep going like that-sorta like folding a flag. Apparently fabric doesn't hold a crease on the bias??? I tried it since I had an applique quilt that I wanted to enter in a future show and was concerned about the creasing. It works. I was amazed.
Another one of my early quilts was a Mariner's compass-can't even believe I attempted one back then.
thanks for sharing.

onlymehere said...

I had fun when I enlarged the pictures looking at the different color choices and patterns you experimented with. I've wanted to do a blue and yellow quilt for some time so I had fun looking at that one. I'm hoping this new grandbaby is a boy so I can use that color combination! So far just girls for grandbabies that I adore :)

You do such beautiful work. I too have heard that about refolding quilts. Our local fabric store gave me some fabric bolt cardboard so that I could wrap them around that and never really have a crease. They stack nice that way too but I like the looks of them all folded up on the shelf!

My MIL has afghans like this that she has made and stored in a closet. I think they're going to be donated to the local Women's shelter soon (she's decluttering). Your family is lucky to have such an abundant supply for all of them and as marriages, grandbabies, etc. come up although I don't know how you could ever part with these beauties!

onlymehere said...

Angie: You just gave me an idea. I think I'm going to photograph my very first quilt I ever did! I did all the embroidery on it and my mom had it quilted for my wedding. It was such a learning experience! Thanks for the idea!

Coleen said...

What beautiful quilts! and they are all finished. I wish I could say the same to myself.

Purple Pam said...

I love that embroidered Sun Bonnet Sue quilt, and your star quilt, and...and... They are all great. What fun to have your own quilt show!

Julia said...

Amazing work you have done. I am in awe. Anyone who can do lovely work like this I can only admire. :)

Belinda said...

Hey Angie! are so prolific! I love your work and it is funny how even our styles will change over the years.