September 14, 2010

There is This Cubbie

Just about all my fabric is in plain view in the sewing room. I like sitting at my sewing machine and seeing what's available and since it is at the northeast side of the house not much sunlight ventures into this room. This is what I see from one of the sewing room windows. It's pretty rugged out there with a lot of trees and brush. Shady.
I keep most of the fabrics organized up on shelves.Remember when I went on a "use it or toss it binge" awhile back. I took bags and boxes of fabric to our local Legacy resale craft and sewing shop. I needed to do this---and I still have enough fabric to last more than a lifetime.

However, there is the cubbie with a door on it. The only fabric cube that has a door---and I just didn't want to look in there, at least not on the days I was ridding myself of years of fabric accumulation. I thought there is probably not much in that cube anyway, or I would have used it by now. I'll get to it another day.

Well, today I pulled open the door---and it was bad. The fabric was compressed so tightly I had to tug on a few pieces so the other fabrics would release and come tumbling out.
I'm sorting it out and wondering about why I have this or that fabric. It's been so long I can't remember what I had planned, or even if I had a plan. Like why do have this:
There is 5 yds of it! Square cats or is it dogs or is robots? They have these cat smile and cat ears---so it must be some sort of cat. I don't have a cat, yet I'm drawn to cat fabrics it seems.
This fabric most likely was purchased in my Raggedy Ann stage of life. I like Raggedy Ann and Andy, but I can't think of why I bought this. But, I have a plan ---fussy cut out the square designs, and stagger some 9 or 4 patch block along the row, and this could be a cute child's quilt---someday.

Now these gorgeous beauties! I know exactly why I bought this fabric! Because they are nostalgically beautiful! and it's an Alexander Henry fabric and I'm a sucker for anything Alexander Henry!---just because it's so unique. Come to think of it, that square robotic cat print fabric is an Alexander Henry too!

And so is this Corvette fabric! Our son has a vintage Corvette similar to the one on this fabric, so of course I had to have this!
And aren't these just the sweetest cats! (more cats)

This is not Alexander Henry, but when I unfolded it my first thought was Pillowcase!

I didn't quite have enough fabric to make the cuff of the pillowcase from the kitten border, so I improvised and the kittens are on the body of the pillowcase instead.
If you want a quick method to make a pillowcase, Mary has a wonderful pillowcase tutorial on her blog. This pillowcase took me about 30 mins. to cut, stitch and press.

I've sorted and folded most of the fabrics and they are back in the cubbie, door shut. Who knows when I will open it up again---but, now I know what interesting "stuff" is in there.

Back to the ho-hum projects.


Michelle said...

Those are some fun looking fabrics - love the kitty pillow case!

Anonymous said...

I love the corvette fabric! Your kitty/dog/robot fabric would be great backing material on a toddler quilt!

Rebecca said...

Man you are so organized. My fabric is soooo unorganized. Love your kitty fabric. I'm a cat

Purple Pam said...

I laughed when I saw your Hawaiian bathing beauties. My husband has a pillowcase on his side of the bed right now made from that fabric!