September 24, 2010

Quilts of Valor

Barbara Winkler, Chairman for the Southern California Quilts of Valor organization forwarded these pictures from the recent San Diego Quilt Show and the Quilts of Valor booth they had set up at the show.

Deanna showed several of the quilt tops she made, and "Sparkling Sam" that I recently quilted was one quilt that hung in the booth. The quilt next to Sparkling Sam is another of Deanna's beautiful quilts! Both drew a lot of visitors to the QOV of booth and hopefully spread the word about this worthwhile organization.
Deanna and Sparkling Sam!

It's always fun to put a face with a name because as "toppers" & "long armers" for Quilts of Valor we usually receive a quilt top in the mail, we may correspond a bit about the top, the long armer quilts it and sends it off to a destination, but essentially we remain strangers passing in the night so to speak---Nice to "meet" you Deanna! and a special "thank you" to you and Barbara and all the Quilt of Valor quilters for all you do and for which I feel a privilege to be a small part of.

Please consider donating some of your quilting time to Quilts of Valor.

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Rebecca said...

I have the Sparkeling Sam panel... love how the pinwheel blocks were added. Love the quilts.