September 25, 2010

These Are Out of the Cubbie

Remember the cubbie purging a few weeks ago. These came tumbling out. Daisy Kingdom baby quilt panels. Three of them! I have not a clue why they were in there. But, almost all the stuff in the cubbie I can't remember when I bought it, or why---

Two of the baby quilts were the pre-quilted type. One was a fabric panel. I used the one fabric panel to test out the new Circle Lord Baptist Fan template boards I recently bought. So much easier than any other method I've tried for Baptist Fan quilting. Luv the Circle Lord method of quilting.

I stitched bindings on all three using Judy's machine binding technique, freshened them up in the washer, and now they are ready for donation to a community quilts project.I'm always pleasantly surprised at how cute fabric panels are when completed. I noticed there are some sweet baby quilt panels in the latest Keepsake Quilting catalog. Hmmmm----


Anonymous said...

They turned out very cute! I have those boards too, both of them if I'm guessing right and the other is the zig zag and waves? I haven't used the zig zag part much, but love the waves!

Purple Pam said...

Cute little quilts. Your panels worked out fine. What happened to mine? I like the Circle Lord pattern.

helen-mary said...

I just LOOOVE my C.L. and was using my Baptist Fan boards yesterday on a quilt for a sick friend. And I'll be doing more quilting with them today on a customer quilt and again tomorrow on a QOV. Loved your funny story about your portable design wall.

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