September 09, 2010

Just Keep Practicing

I'm always reading, drawing, watching DVD's, reading books or taking an online class to improve my machine quilting it seems. I keep pursuing that sometimes elusive perfect circle, loop or feathering. Practice makes perfect---so they say.

So, when I found a "Skill Builder" fabric panel at a quilt show I went aaaaha! ---yet another way to practice! It's a follow the lines type thing. When it's finished you put on the binding, wash it ---and end up with a completed quilt like this.

I didn't count all the different quilting motifs on this skill builder project, but there are at least fifty or more.

Every little nook & cranny and every half square triangle or sashing has a lined design someplace on it you can stitch. Very few if any repeats.

I'm binding this Skill Builder panel, but not washing it for now. I'm planning to keep it as-is so I can look at the quilting designs and if I need an idea for quilt design on a quilt I may be doing sometime.

If you want to try one of these panels do a Google search: Skill Builder Quilt Panel and you will come up with different suppliers of this neat way to practice your machine quilting skills!


Anonymous said...

WOW Angie, I don't think you need any practice, that looks absolutely fantastic!!!!

Michelle said...

That is neat -- I want one!

Christine said...

Pretty quilt.

Abby and Stephanie said...

WOWZER! Amazing quilting. Lovely doodle art.